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Home / Wowtoes news / Blizzard: World of Warcraft PS4 Release Date Still Uncertain

Blizzard: World of Warcraft PS4 Release Date Still Uncertain

Time: 09/11/17  

Some players may wonder and look forward to the World of Warcraft PS4 release date as it is unavailable on console up to now. Unfortunately, the time when WOW will come to console is still uncertain from Blizzard, and there are some explanations for that. 

World of Warcraft PS4 release date: not for sure

We all know that World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMO in the gaming industry, but it is only available for PC. However, many MMOs have made a jump to the consoles, but it seems like World of Warcraft console release would not happen at least now.
Blizzard’s Chadd Nervig once clarified that WOW is first and foremost designed for PC. He further said that the team has no plans for the WOW console release, but they are always considering new options. He also said that he can’t tell for sure that World of Warcraft would ever come to consoles.

Why not release World of Warcraft on console?

Such an established franchise making the crossover to console format would certainly be a huge transition, which many consider to be too much of one for it to ever come to fruition. There are many factors that come in to play. Blizzard Johnwanne once said he wouldn’t imagine a controller would support the game very well. 
It’s worth taking into account that the introduction to consoles would see a potentially massive spike in players, but the mountain to climb to make the idea possible might be too much of a stretch for the sake of a spike in its player base. It may be weird to bring it to console at this point because there would be many expansions worth of content that wouldn’t seem all that important compared to the current legion content.

If you are waiting for World of Warcraft PS4 release date, it may be a better choice to understand Blizzard’s decision and enjoy WOW on PC. Anyway, Wowtoes always offers the best wow gold and makes you satisfied certainly.

The Wowtoes Team

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