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Home / Wowtoes news / WOW Classic Discussion: Accurate Experience or Class Balance?

WOW Classic Discussion: Accurate Experience or Class Balance?

Time: 11/16/17  

Blizzard Community Managers Ythisens and Ornyx joined in a lively discussion on class balance for World of Warcraft Classic servers. They thought it’s necessary to have such discussions as players want accurate classic experience while others prefer “hybrid tax” offset, and everything is still not decided.

Class balance: a worthwhile topic for WOW Classic server

Community manager Ythisens stated his personal opinion that it’s fair to have a discussion about classes/specs in World of Warcraft Classic. He thought the idea of a “hybrid tax” was obviously not very good in the grand scheme of overarching class design and it made some specs arguably not viable/unplayable. It is a worthwhile conversation to have.
Class balance was one of the more contentious discussions during the early days. Another manager Ornyx said it could be useful feedback to continue those discussion and they are going to be reading a lot. With the Classic team just now forming, everything is in the earliest stage of planning with nothing set in stone. This is a point made repeatedly by the community team and one that many posters seemed to ignore.

Everything is uncertain in World of Warcraft Classic server

The manager made an example that if folks want a true 1:1 Vanilla experience, they want to see the discussion of that. They want to see that too if people think there should be changes here or there.
So much is still up in the air. Even there are discussions every day since they knew it was coming have been around the numerous QoL changes, class changes, content changes, and each of them has a different opinion on what Classic “should be” because to each one Vanilla WoW was obviously different.
The community will truly be what shapes the direction of Classic as we move forward, together. The heated discussion continued until Ornyx stepped in to remind posters that one that can be rescinded at any time if they cannot adhere to the stated forum rules that do not allow for trolling or personal attacks on other posters.

What do you think about the class balance in World of Warcraft Classic server? Anyway, it’s your best choice to buy wow gold fast from Wowtoes.

The Wowtoes Team

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