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Home / Wowtoes news / WOW Holinka Leaves Warcraft Team to Pursue New Job at Blizzard

WOW Holinka Leaves Warcraft Team to Pursue New Job at Blizzard

Time: 06/17/17  

Brian Holinka, Senior PvP Designer, has announced that he will leave World of Warcraft Team on June 16, 2017, and work on a new opportunity at Blizzard. Some players claim it is the day the community cheer and make a toast, for no one will push people to play PvE for the sake of balance. 

Brain Holinka WOW is leaving the job that he did 5 years

Brain Holinka joined Bizzard in summer 2017. Since then he was in charge of WOW PvP. Until now, it has been 5 years he worked for World of Warcraft team. But now he has to announce to leave wow team, because he is offered a new opportunity at Blizzard and seems to take office next Monday. 

WOW PvP Lead Brian Holinka is controversial in this team

Recently, a string of senior developers are leaving WOW team, but Holinka would be the most controversial actually. During his term of office, he changed the face of WOW PvP time and again, including the latest changes to PvP overhauls. Maybe we don’t like his attitudes to PvP, but we have to admit that “the level of hate he could receive at times was more than anyone in his position deserves.”

Many players in the community cannot wait to cheer for the new adventures in WOW PvP. But who knows what plans the next wow PvP lead has. The same to the position that Brain Holinka will take on next. But time will tell everything, and we wish him the best of luck. 

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The Wowtoes Team

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