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WOW Patch 7.3.2 Hotfixes with Armageddon Hail Spawned Once

Time: 11/07/17  

Updated on Nov 6, the latest WOW patch 7.3.2 hotfixes include changes to Tainted Essence healing absorb on Fallen Avatar, and Armageddon Hail is now spawned only once in Mythic difficulty for Kil’jaeden. Read the patch notes below and choose Wowtoes for wow gold safe & fast.

WOW Patch 7.3.2 Hotfixes for November 6th

Class Halls:
The mission “Another Rat Problem” should again be available, and awards pet supplies with a bonus pet supplies reward.
Dungeons and Raids:
1. Court of Stars
Watchful Inquisitor’s Searing Glare should be more reliably interrupted by stuns and interrupts.
2. Dragon Soul
A bug has been fixed that was causing NPCs to disappear in some circumstances.
3. Tomb of Sargeras
Fallen Avatar: Tainted Essence healing absorb has been reduced to 8% (was 10%); Tainted Essence now cancels upon death.
Kil’jaeden: Armageddon Hail is now spawned only once in Mythic difficulty.
Items: The Unstable Portal Emitter should now function again with predictably unpredictable results.

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