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WOW51900101 Solved & The Burning Crusade Private Server in Open Beta

Time: 07/04/17  

Yesterday, many players ran into wow51900101 issue which led to the login latency and disconnection. Now this issue has been solved. Besides, a new legacy wow server has been in open beta, which will bring players back to the Burning Crusade. 

WOW51900101 Issue has been solved

Yesterday, many wow players reported that they were suffering from latency or disconnections, which reads as wow51900101. Until now, Blizzard has announced that this issue was affecting every wow player and that now it has been solved. If you are having issues, it’s separate. You had better to provide the details so that Blizzard can solve it as soon as possible. 

Legacy WOW servers 2017

Unofficial legacy wow servers spring up one after one. Recently, the Felmyst project takes things a step further, allowing players back to the Burning Crusade. Now it is in open beta. 
It is well-known that World of Warcraft’s first expansion, the Burning Crusade, was much more challenging than the others, for its twisted zones and the rough raid attunement. Do you think of those days? Some players have poked around in the beta. There, the player damage and the experience gain have been ramped up. 
If you do miss those days, you can have a try on the Burning Crusade Private Server in beta. What you need to do is to register for an account on the website, download the client and play. This is an unofficial free legacy server. Certainly all players should have been ready for the shutdown made by Blizzard. 

Now everyone can log in World of Warcraft normally. So buy super cheap wow gold with 8% discount code “WOW8OFF” and go back to WOW 7.3 PTR. If you yearn of the Burning Crusade, you can have a try on The Burning Crusade Private Server. 

The Wowtoes Team

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